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When I loved myself enough…

When I loved myself enough....

44 reasons why loving yourself will be the best damn decision you ever made.


By Bella Luna

After I left my abusive relationship 11 years ago, I spent the next decade strengthening my relationship to my Self, deepening my sense of self-worth and learning how to love myself.

Here, I share with you 44 of the incredible gifts I have received as a result of this journey, and to drill home to you how loving yourself really is the answer to all your prayers. 

Loving yourself is one of those gifts you didn’t know you needed until you received it. It’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Whether it just brightens the lens through which you see the World around you, whether it deepens your appreciation for the small things in life, or whether it simply frees up some of your precious time, you will never ever regret learning to love yourself.

If you too would like to receive the gift that keeps on giving, then take a look at my RADICAL Self-Love Programme where I will share with you my very practical, very tangible, formula for this Self-Love thing.


When I loved myself enough...

♥ I stopped making plans just so I didn’t have to be alone with myself.

♥ I said ‘no’ to things that made me feel uncomfortable, or simply because I didn’t want to.

♥ I started wearing whatever I liked, even if it was weird and wacky (actually, especially if it was weird and wacky!)

♥ I started attracting people into my life who were on the same vibe as me.

♥ I stopped wearing make-up, threw away all my bras, and stopped shaving…

♥ I ate healthier but stopped beating myself up when I had a treat.

♥ I started resting more, and without feeling guilty about it.

♥ I became more attractive on the inside AND the outside.

♥ I stopped spending so much time thinking about my appearance and now I have more time to actually have fun!

♥ I started creating a better life for myself.

♥ I had more energy.

♥ I made better decisions from a place of integrity.

♥ I found it easier to stand up for myself.

♥ I had more courage in my convictions.

♥ I respected myself, and others began to respect me more in return.

♥ I listened to myself more and honoured my own needs.

♥ The world seemed like a brighter place.

♥ I stopped seeking others approval and started seeking my own.

♥ I felt in charge of my own life.

♥ I felt a stronger connection to Source.

♥ I was perfectly happy being single.

♥ I began removing unhealthy things from my life – habits, relationships, beliefs…

♥  I bought myself flowers just because.

♥  I embraced, and even coveted, my jiggly bits.

♥  I danced to the beat of my own drum.

♥  I rescued my own damn self!

♥  I stopped making myself small.

♥  I stopped settling and went after what I truly wanted.

♥  I stopped trying to impress people and instead I sought to impress myself.

♥  I learned to forgive myself, and others.

♥  I stopped waiting until my pain was unbearable before I addressed it.

♥  I was able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

♥  I became more comfortable in the silence.

♥  I made friends with the darkness.

♥  I started laughing at my own jokes.

♥  I chose quality over quantity.

♥  I began to celebrate myself.

♥  I gave myself permission to be imperfect and make mistakes.

♥  I developed strong boundaries.

♥  I became comfortable in my own skin – and now spend A LOT of time naked!

♥  I started respecting my body.

♥  I learned to recognise my own gifts & talents, and how I could use them to be of service.

♥  I stopped looking externally for answers and began looking internally.

♥  I became the Queen of my Self.

"To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness."

Robert Morley

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