A Guide to Cleansing

What is Cleansing?

Cleansing is the process of cleaning something (an object, person or space) of negative energy. It can also refer to returning (an object, person or space) to it’s original & purest form. Additionally, cleansing can be seen as the process of freeing something (an object, person, or space) so it is able to perform in its intended capacity.

Why would you Cleanse an object?

Some objects are used a lot and can ‘collect’ and store negative energy in them. For example, if you have an argument with someone, or someone is horrible to you, a piece of jewellery you are wearing might absorb that negative energy. You can also place crystals around your home to specifically absorb this negative energy so you don’t absorb it yourself.

Why would you Cleanse a person?

People, just like objects, are susceptible to absorbing negative energies. For example, a person who is being bullied or abused might absorb all the negativity being thrown at them by the perpetrator. This can build up inside if not cleansed, released and transmuted back into the world. By cleansing a person, you are dispersing that negative energy through intention.

Why would you Cleanse a space?

Just with objects, a space can absorb negative energies that inhabit it. For example, if there is abuse in the home, the home itself may absorb this negative energy & store it, giving the home a ‘bad vibe’. Homes are particularly susceptible to storing negative energy as there are many places for it to gather e.g. corners, doorways, windows. Homes are meant to be a safe space, therefore, it is imperative to cleanse these so they remain as such.

What happens if I Cleanse something?

  • If you cleanse your jewellery, you will no longer be carrying around negative energies that you have picked up in your life.
  • If you cleanse yourself (or another person) you will feel happier, healthier, lighter, positive and refreshed
  • If you cleanse your home regularly it will retain a positive vibe, feel happier, safer and lighter

How do I Cleanse something?

To cleanse something, whether a physical object, person or home, you will need one of the 4 elements to assist you…

Cleansing with the Elements. Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach and Healer.


Direct access to the earth is best used for cleansing an object as the most effective method is to bury the item in question. A plant pot will do but if you have access to a private garden then burying it directly into Mother Earth is always more effective. Remember to mark the spot you have buried it or draw yourself a map so you don’t lose it! The longer, the better, but overnight should suffice – even better under a Full Moon.


Smudging is a term used for bathing or cleansing something / someone with some form of sacred smoke – normally incense, sage or Paulo Santo. To smudge a person or object, all you need to do is light the incense and move it in a way that allows the object or person to be bathed in the smoke. To smudge a room, you can simple light an incense stick and leave it to burn in a safe holder. Alternatively, you can waft the smoke around the room, allowing it to fill the corners and ceiling.


Cleansing with fire is similar to cleansing with incense. Light a nice smelling candle and allow the aroma to fill the room and cleanse it. Additionally, with an object, you can gently move it through the flame.

Disclaimer: be careful when using fire for cleansing as it can catch alight on people, clothing, furnishings and objects. In my opinion, fire is the least effective cleansing method anyway.


In my opinion, water is the most powerful & effective cleansing element.

  • For an object, simply place it in water, or hold it under running water
  • For a space, you can make a water spray and lightly spray the room (this is most effective with natural or sacred water)
  • For a person, you can either spray them, bathe them in water, or pop them under running water

TIP: Running water is more effective than still water (waterfall/tap/shower instead of sink/lake). Natural water is more effective than filtered water (waterfall/lake instead of shower/tap).

How to make Sacred Water

  • Sacred water is best made with natural water – rain water, spring water, river water etc.
  • It can be powerful to add Dead Sea salt, Rose water or Lavender
  • Channel the Divine healing energies of Mother Earth & Father Sky to bless the water
  • Leaving it out during the Full Moon will charge it with healing properties
  • Keep it in a glass container as plastic can drain the energy & healing properties

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By regularly Cleansing yourself, your home & precious objects, you will…

  • Be free from most of the negative energies that you, your home, or your belongings, have absorbed
  • Be happier, healthier, lighter, freer & more powerful
  • Regularly create the intention for negative energies to be released
  • Avoid breaking or losing precious or sentimental objects & jewellery
  • Have a nice smelling home (!)

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