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Watching people realise their worth, and grow into their power, is what truly lights me up inside. There is only one you & I believe that self-love is the key to unlocking your power and purpose.

I know what it’s like to feel like I’m not fulfilling my potential and that there has to be more from life. I have walked the journey, asked the difficult questions, done the deep work and tested this shizz out.

I have now developed a range of practices, techniques and courses that I know will work to support you in creating a vision of your dream life, nurture your inner relationship, step into action and live a life aligned with your values and desires. 

The Bottom Line:

You deserve to wake up every day, feeling good about yourself & inspired to create a life that you love. A life full of magic, meaning & Self-mastery.

My dream is to help you fall in love with yourself & your life, just like I have!


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Bella Luna

For women with wild hearts & big dreams

Welcome to your go to source for packages, programs and products to live a more aligned life. Take off your cloak, set down your broomstick and let’s look at some options for you.

My Flagship Package


Path to Purpose

Empowering you to transform your life in a deeper and more practical way.

I would love to support you with not just finding your one singular purpose, but weaving purpose into every corner of your life.

Join me for this 24-week personalised experience to dive deep into what it means for you to live a meaningful life and be fulfilled in all aspects of your world.

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testimonial girl

“Bella supported me to live a life aligned with my highest self.”

double quotesBella intuitively supported my needs and provided me with tangible tools to gain clarity on my direction and to live a life more aligned with my highest self. It is an incredible blessing to work with Bella.double quotes

Sophie, US

testimonial girl 2

“Bella helped me get closer to my own personal life mission.”

double quotesBefore I started I was stuck & unsatisfied with the direction my life was going, I had forgotten the things that bring me joy. Bella helped me discover the tools  to help me get closer to my own life mission.double quotes

Allie, UK


“I pushed past barriers I never thought I could overcome.”

double quotesI have pushed past barriers and fears that I never thought I could overcome. She has  shown me how to believe in myself and I come away from every session feeling empowered and excited for life! double quotes

jess, UK


“My sessions with Bella were literally transformational.”

double quotesMy sessions with Bella were literally transformational. I feel so blessed to have been accompanied by such a generous, non-judgmental, & insightful soul during the most difficult period in my  life. double quotes

Valerie, Canada

bella15 1

My Flagship Program


Radical Self-Love

Self-Love is a muscle, exercise it & it will grow.

In a world that is hell bent on putting you down, seeing you fail, and profiting from your own self-loathing, join the revolution and fight back with Self-Love as a RADICAL act.

Join my RADICAL Self-Love revolution to deepen the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself!

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“I came away with an Inner Strength and Self Belief that I’d not felt before.”

double quotesBella’s courses are enjoyable and extremely powerful. She has a gift in communicating and delivering wisdom that ACTUALLY STICKS. I felt myself shifting and transforming quickly. Bella coached us through blocks and beliefs, she helped us see that we are enough just as we are. I came away with an inner strength and Self Belief that I’d not felt before.double quotes

Caroline, UK

elly lg

“Bella has changed my views towards myself and the way I view the world!”

double quotesI felt totally safe and grounded. Bella is so approachable, encouraging and made me feel really listened to. I feel like a completely new person. After struggling with self love and poor body image for 20+ years Bella has completely changed my views towards myself and the way I view the world! Thank you Bella you have changed my life double quotes

Kelly, UK


“Bella has given me the tools I need to become my best authentic self.”

double quotesI am now noticing how I speak to myself in certain situations. I have learnt how to tune in and listen to my intuition and I am getting to know myself on a much deeper level. Bella has given me the tools I need to become my best authentic self. Your delivery style was amazing, I have learnt how to tune into my true essence and regain my power.double quotes

Karen, US

Align with Destiny


Soul Plan Readings

Reconnect with your Highest path & see your Destiny unfold!

If you have been drawn to the Soul Plan, it is because you have come with the purpose of aligning with your soul’s core plan and destiny.

With healing affirmations and treatment strategies for overcoming your challenges, embodying your talents, and manifesting your goals, you can fully embrace your Soul’s Destiny.

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Savou edited

“I took comfort in knowing how to focus my energies.”

double quotesImmediately I felt like some puzzle pieces of my life & purpose fell into place. I had concrete understanding of my strengths & weaknesses & why I would have the challenges that I have in my life.double quotes

Savou, Greece


“I feel more graceful & at ease with my journey.”

double quotesIt solidified my intuition around my path & purpose, & helped me to understand my blockages. I feel more graceful & at ease with my journey. I’ve moved from victim into acceptance & gratitude.double quotes

Caroline, UK


“I am shocked with how deeply they resonate & support.”

double quotesBella became the grounded voice guiding me as I was in the process of remembering myself. Her soul plan readings are freakishly accurate, I am shocked with how deeply they resonate and support. double quotes

Xandra, Turkey


“My reading helped validate that I was on the right path.”

double quotesMy reading was spot on and helped validate that I was on the right path with my business and desire to help others. It was also fun to learn additional tools and tips to help me if I get stuck or want to try something new. double quotes

Melinda, US


Something for Everyone


The Cosmic Academy

Infuse your life with more magic, meaning and self-mastery.

The Cosmic Academy is my online learning platform, host to a powerful collection of low cost, self-led courses.

Designed with the Modern Mystic in mind, ready to serve you at any stage of your journey. Whether you are looking for deep healing, aligned action, self-love or magic, there is a potion for everyone.

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The Cosmic AcademyGold Pentagram

for the Modern Mystic


Dreams to Reality

A practical course to support you in up-levelling your life. It’s time to embrace your BIG dreams of making a lasting impact – the world needs YOU!

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Chakra BootCamp

A journey to immerse yourself in the essence of the 7 Chakras to realign your energy centres, reconnect with the self and unlock your full potential.

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Calm your Inner Critic

Overcome your negative thoughts and remove self-doubt so you can step into your full power and become who you were always destined to be.

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Harness the power of the moon to attune with the natural rhythms of our planet, boost you into a state of flow & unlock your greatest potential.

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