Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach - Your are NOT broken, but...

You are NOT broken, but…

You are NOT broken, but…

Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach, Healer & Mystic

By Bella Luna

If you think you are broken, I would really like you to continue reading as I am here to tell you that this is a lie. You are not broken. As a person, it is impossible to be broken. You can break a bone, you can break a nail, and you can break a heart, but you yourself, are not broken. You never have been, and you never will be.

But I’ll tell you what might be broken. Your environment might be broken. The world around you might be broken.
You might have a life full of very unhealthy things that cause you to be so unhappy that you think that you are the problem, that you are broken.

It’s true that you might be carrying around some emotional baggage, or have some traumas to deal with, but it’s also important to look outside yourself to see what areas of your life might also be contributing to this.

So, I’d like to invite you to take a look at your life.

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Your Relationships

Take a look at the relationships in your life. The people you spend most of your time with. Do they light you up inside? Do they fill you with joy? Do you walk away from spending time with them feeling so much love for that person and that you can’t wait to see them again? Or do you walk away from them feeling drained and tired?

Are you in a relationship, do you have a partner? Do they make you feel joy, do they make you feel happy, do they light you up inside? Or do they also drain you? Do they make you into a better, or worse, version of yourself?


Your Job

Your job. The night before you have to get up for work, are you super excited about getting up in the morning because you absolutely love your work? Or are you sat there with feelings of dread and anxiety at the idea of having to get up the next day?

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Your Environment

Where do you live? Do you live in a boring countryside village where you are so bored because there is nothing to do and you just wished you lived in the hustle bustle of a city? Or conversely, do you live in the busy, gross, smoggy city and wish you could just frolic around in the woods all day long? Do you have adequate access to hospitals, schools, jobs, supermarkets, sports and leisure facilities?

What is your home environment like? Do you live in a nice home? Does your home make you feel safe? Does your home make you feel loved? Do you like being at home? Or do you actually spend more time out of your home because you don’t like your home environment?

You are not broken. You never have been broken and you never will be broken. But your environment may very well be broken.

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I hope this blog was enough to help you realise you are NOT broken. But if it wasn’t, and you would like further support, please arrange your FREE Discovery Call so we can work together to fix the parts of your life that might be broken.

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