In this category I provide simple and easy How to Guides on subjects related to Spirituality & Well-being.

Bella Luna Cleansing

A Guide to Cleansing with the 4 Elements

Discover the what, why, when, and how of cleansing people, places and possessions of stagnant and unwanted energy. 

Bella Luna - honour the darkness

Honour the Darkness, Return to the Light

Discover why it’s important to honour the dark and return to the light, and how this is a gift to yourself and others.

Bella Luna Moon

The Power of Aligning your Life with the Moon

Harness the power of the Moon to attune with the natural rhythms of the planet and uncover the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

Bella Luna MysticMag

Interview with MysticMag

Read my interview with MysticMag where we talk about the lack of self-love out there, finding your purpose, and so much more.

Bella Luna Self-Love Affirmations

My 44 Best Self-Love Affirmations

Discover my 44 Best Self-Love Affirmations, why they are important, and how to use them, even when you hate them.

Bella Luna Self-Love

My #1 Everyday Self-Love Tip (even when you are super busy)

Discover my everyday self-love tip that will change your life, without taking up any more of your time.