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To fall in Love with yourself & Your Life

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Hey there!

 I’m Bella Luna, Gold sparkle

Spiritual Life Coach & Self-Love Advocate
for the Modern Mystic.

In 2010 I broke free from an abusive relationship and stepped into a period of self-discovery. It was through this journey of intense exploration, of myself and the world around me, that lead me to falling in love with myself and my life.

Today, I support wild women with big dreams (just like you!) to step into action, overcome self-doubt and part the clouds of confusion that are preventing you from loving yourself deeply and embracing your dream life.

Let me show you how…

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The BOttOM line

My mission is to support wild women, with big dreams of making a lasting impact on this world, to overcome the self-doubt and confusion that is holding you back.

Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

OK I’m ready, let’s start!

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What’s standing between you &
your dreams?

The answer is simple – clarity on your ultimate dream life is the main obstacle preventing you from manifesting what you truly desire. Without crystal clear clarity, there is no way of clearly directing your energy and focus.

How can you manifest the life of your dreams if you don’t even know what that dream is? You can only step into your dream life when you know exactly what that dream looks like.

This FREE Big Dream Vision Quest guides you through my visioning process to help you get SUPER clear on what your dream looks and feels like, so you can program your internal SatNav, guaranteeing success.

In 34 mins, you will gain:

  • Crystal-clear clarity on your ultimate dream life
  • Excitement to keep you motivated
  • Tips to anchor in and propel you into transformation
  • Practical instructions to understand exactly what to do

Show me my dream!
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Feeling stuck on
your purpose?
Self-Love is the key to unlocking it

Show me how!

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Products, Programs & Packages

Check out my range of products, programs and packages to see which is the best path for you at this time.

I know you are a unique soul with unique needs, which is exactly why I have designed a range of offers to cover all bases from aligning with your purpose, loving yourself deeply and connecting with your inner magic.

Work with me

Path to  Purpose


Designed to support your unique needs and align your life with your highest path.

Learn more



Designed to support you nurture the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself!

Learn more

Soul Plan Reading


Understand your life’s challenges, embody your  talents, reveal your goals & align with Destiny.

Learn more

Cosmic Academy


Infuse your life with more meaning, magic and self-mastery with my range of self-led courses.

Learn more

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Results speak louder than words
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“It is an incredible blessing to work with Bella.”

double quotesBella intuitively supported my needs & provided me with tangible tools to gain clarity on my direction and to live a life more aligned with my highest self. It is an incredible blessing to work with Bella.double quotes

Sophie, US

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“Bella helped me get closer to my own personal life mission.”

double quotesBefore I started I was feeling stuck and unsatisfied with the direction my life was going in, I had forgotten somewhere along the way the things that bring me joy. Bella helped me discover the tools I would need to help me get closer to my own personal life mission.double quotes

Allie, UK


“I tapped deeply into what my purpose looks & feels like.”

double quotesBella helped me to see clearly what my Soul wants & my heart desires. I tapped deeply into what my purpose looks & feels like & it feels so joyful!  This has brought about a deeper gratitude for what I do have & a clear map of the areas that I’d like to upgrade. I’ve made simple changes towards those upgrades, and it felt easy, aligned and exciting.double quotes

Caroline, UK


“My sessions with Bella were literally transformational.”

double quotes“My twelve coaching sessions with Bella were literally transformational. I feel so blessed to have been accompanied by such a non-judgmental, generous, and insightful soul during the most difficult period in my 50+ years of life. Your shining heart reminds me of the mystical medieval poet who once wrote, “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your being.” Heartfelt thanks.”double quotes

Valerie, Canada

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from my heart to yours

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Fall in Love with Your Life…

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Are you ready to fall in love with yourself & your life?

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