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And deepen the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself!

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My RadicAl Self-Love formula to guide you back

to your true self, unlock your greatest potential, and

create a wildly magical life.

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Hey wild thang!

You’re in the right place, at the right moment,
because you know…

Gold sparkle editedYou are destined for greatness but are tired of being held back by your self-doubt and lack of confidence

Gold sparkle editedYou are sick of feeling like life, love and opportunities are passing you by because you are too afraid to seize them

Gold sparkle editedYou struggle with making time to rest, to follow your joy and to celebrate your achievements

Gold sparkle editedYou are sick of playing it small and are ready to do the deep work necessary to live a truly fulfilled life

Gold sparkle editedYou are tired of waiting around for a magic wand solution to all your problems and are ready to take back your power

Gold sparkle editedYou are ready to step into your greatness and become who you were always destined to be

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Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach - Self-Love & loving yourself


Here’s the truth

Doing the deep work necessary to deeply connect within, and transform your relationship with yourself, is not easy.

There are a million moving parts and pieces – confidence, limiting beliefs, battling the inner critic, overcoming self-doubt, and feelings of worthiness – that prevent you from moving forward, and most importantly, from falling in love with yourself.


What if you could…

Have a step-by-step formula to guide you back to yourself in a loving and gentle, yet tangible, way?

Through a series of video workshops, downloadable PDF’s, guided meditations, visualisation journeys, playful exercises, tangible tools, intuitive insights and growth work, we will create a nurturing space for you to fall back in love with yourself.

So you can finally:

Gold sparkleOvercome self-doubt and step into confidence

Gold sparkleReplace your negative thoughts with more empowering ones​

Gold sparkleHave the tools to bring self-love into your every day life​

Gold sparkleFall in love with yourself and your life

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RadiCAl Self-Love

A self-led course that supports you with decoding this self-love mystery, providing space for you to discover what it means to truly love yourself and to re-connect with who you are destined to be.
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“Remember who you were before they told you who to be”

Let’s do this!

Client Love…gold heart

Results speak louder than words

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“I feel like a completely new person, it’s completely changed my life!.”

double quotesI completed the self love course & it’s completely changed my life!!! I honestly can’t put into words how amazing Bella is & how amazing the content in this course was. I felt as though I was totally safe & grounded with Bella, she is so approachable & made me feel really listened to. Bella is so encouraging & it’s impossible not to be inspired by her & her wisdom! I learnt something new every single day, I feel like a completely new person. After struggling with self love & poor body image for 20+ years & numerous therapy sessions, in just 10 days Bella had more impact & completely changed my views towards myself & the way I view the world! I now CELEBRATE THE F*CK OUT OF MY SELF & I now have the tools to keep myself in high vibes! Thank you Bella from the bottom of my heart you have changed my life.double quotes

Kelly, UK

Allie2 edited

“I have learnt how to tune into my true essence and regain my power.”

double quotesThe results I have experienced from this wonderful course is that I am now noticing how I speak to myself in certain situations. I have learnt how to tune in and listen to my intuition and I am getting to know myself on a much deeper level. Bella has given me the tools I need to become my best authentic self. I can now continue to explore, expand and evolve. Bella, you are such an incredible woman, your delivery style was amazing. Thank you so much for putting this important course together. I have learnt how to tune into my true essence and regain my power. Any fabulous women reading my feedback and needing more self-love in your life, then this is the course for you.double quotes

Allie, UK


“I came away with an Inner Strength and Self Belief that I’d not felt before.”

double quotesBella’s courses are enjoyable and extremely powerful. She has a gift in communicating and delivering wisdom that ACTUALLY STICKS. It’s like she knows the way the brain works and I felt myself shifting and transforming quickly throughout the course. It was more embodiment than simply learning. As well as the embodiment, we had lots of fun and got to create visuals and all sorts to support the journey. I had minimal resistance and looked forward to every session – it was a really enjoyable experience. When the resistance came we could talk and Bella coached us through blocks and beliefs. She helped us see that we are enough just as we are and I came away with an Inner Strength and Self Belief that I’d not felt before. I highly recommend any of Bella’s courses. Go for it – it could change your life!double quotes

Caroline, UK



RadiCAl Self-Love

A journey of Self-Love & Acceptance.

I will lead you from a place of powerlessness, self-doubt, and unworthiness, and into a world of magic, meaning & self-mastery.
I’m ready to start!

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The main reasons most people are unhappy & unfulfilled

is NOT because they are broken…

It’s because they lack the self-worth to know they are enough, the self-confidence to go after what they want and the self-belief to believe that they can do it.

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Here’s why most people stay stuck:



There is a voice in your head continually filling you with thoughts that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve to be happy, and that you will never have it all. It’s time to reclaim this precious real estate in your mind!



You constantly flick between toning yourself down and making yourself small, while also trying to prove yourself capable and burning yourself out in the process. It’s time to stop people pleasing and step into your true self.



So much of your brain capacity is taken up with negative thoughts and self-deprecation. But the best way to reduce negativity, is actually to increase positivity. It’s time to re-focus on fun, play and positive vibes!

If you’ve experienced at least 1 of these 3 obstacles, I’ve got you.

Power of Words

RadiCAl Self-Love takes the confusion & boredom out of the journey

so you can just enjoy the ride!

How would you feel if you could:

Gold sparkle editedCreate solid boundaries so you are no longer walked all over

Gold sparkle editedOvercome the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from going after your dreams

Gold sparkle editedTune into your intuition and allow it to guide you towards a more aligned life

Gold sparkle editedRecognise and acknowledge your achievements instead of brushing straight over them

Gold sparkle editedCreate a self-love journey that’s fun, playful and excites you

Gold sparkle editedRe-connect with yourself on a deeper and more intimate level

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RadiCAl Self-Love

so you can start loving yourself, today!

Through tangible tools, intuitive insight, and my formula for self-love, I will empower you to shake off those emotional cobwebs, pull back those spiritual blinds, unlock those hidden corners of your mind, and show yourself. It’s time to embrace your full self

– the world needs you!

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Once you realise, and accept, that your relationship with yourself is inextricably linked to your overall satisfaction with your life, you will see that there is no alternative but to work on your sense of self-love.

And if, like so many of us, you have struggled with seeing this journey out on your own, then join me in this safe, nurturing container, with a community of like-hearted women, supporting each other on this radical journey to self-love and acceptance.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” Buddha

I will provide the space for you to discover what it means to truly love yourself and to re-connect with who you are destined to be.

If you are truly ready to do the deep work necessary to change your life, then RADICAL Self-Love can take you from disempowered and full of self-doubt, to embracing your full potential and becoming who you were always destined to be.

The RADICAL Self-Love course consists of 10 core sessions leading you through my easy-to-use formula. Throughout the program, I will guide you through a series of exercises designed to make the intangible, tangible. I have added some bonus magic along the way to support your journey, as I grow, you grow.

As Self-Love is a continual journey, I have designed this self-led course so that you can re-visit any section of the course when you need a little self-love booster. The material is here for you to access any time you need.

There is a private Facebook group for you to join to share your experiences and receive support and encouragement on your Self-Love journey.

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Course Structure

Videos PDFs


& PDF’s

The course content is delivered through videos and downloadable PDF’s so you are able to re-watch any of the material on demand.

Guided Meditations



I have created several Guided Meditations & Visualisation Journeys to support your self-love journey and deepen your experience.

Growth Work



Each of the core sections completes with some Growth Work – an invitation to take your experience deeper & solidify the teachings.

Facebook Community



A private Facebook Community to share your experiences and gain support and encouragement on your Self-Love journey.

Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach & Self-Love Advocate

Hey there!

 I’m Bella Luna, Gold sparkle

Spiritual Life Coach & Self-Love Advocate
for the Modern Mystic.

In 2010 I broke free from an abusive relationship and stepped into a period of self-discovery. It was through this journey of intense exploration, of myself and the world around me, that lead me to falling in love with myself and my life.

Today, I support wild women with big dreams (just like you!) to step into action, overcome self-doubt and part the clouds of confusion that are preventing you from loving yourself deeply and embracing your dream life.

Let me show you how…

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To be the YOU you were always destined to be?

Make a decision your future self will thank you for.

What happens next?

If you are unsure about your next step, or would like to discuss any questions or hesitations you have, please feel free to book a FREE, no obligation, Discovery Call. These calls are an opportunity for us to learn more about each other and for you to experience a taste of what our relationship can bring.

If you are ready to step onto your RADICAL Self-Love path, then you can choose from the SILVER package which contains all the self-led course materials at £222, or dive straight in with the GOLD package which includes all the self-led course materials PLUS 3 x one-to-one coaching sessions at £444.

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All self-led course materials, plus any additional bonus material I add along the way.


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All self-led course materials, any bonus material PLUS 3x 1-1 coaching sessions.


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right for you?

This course is
for you if…

Gold sparkleYou are serious about deepening your relationship with yourself

Gold sparkleYou are motivated and ready to hold yourself accountable

Gold sparkleYou like a tangible, yet intuitive, approach to personal developement

Gold sparkleYou are ready to make serious changes in your life

Gold sparkleYou are ready to step into you full power and fulfil your greatest potential

This course is NOT
for you if…

Gold sparkleYou are not interested in loving yourself

Gold sparkleYou don’t believe in magic, energetics and a Higher power

Gold sparkleYou are looking for a magic wand solution to all your problems

Gold sparkleYou already have a perfect relationship with yourself

Gold sparkleYou are unwilling to go through discomfort, make changes, and do the deep work necessary

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