Moon Mentum


Harness the Power of the Moon…

✔ to attune with the rhythms of nature and boost you into a state of flow…
✔ to unlock your greatest potential and become who you were destined to be…
✔ to overcome procrastination, get sh*t done, and still have time to play and rest…

Have you heard that working with the Moon is powerful but aren’t sure where to start?

Do you have a deep desire to be the best version of yourself? Would you like to harness the moon’s energy to create more EASE & FLOW in your life? Do you struggle to give yourself permission to celebrate? Do you feel guilty for taking time out to rest & heal? Do you have lots of ideas that you do not follow through with? Are you ready to try something a bit different (and seriously powerful!)?

Did you know that the Moon cycle has a direct effect on your energy flow?  

It’s so simple yet so missed in today’s world – the Moon affects us A LOT! We have forgotten to connect with this ancient wisdom – and let’s face it, sometimes it can be overwhelming with all the information out there, which is why I have created this simple and powerful course for you to follow with ease.

What you will get in this course:

✔ 8 Cycles of the Moon – Receive your Moon phase reference guide to track the phases yourself.
✔ Ancient Wisdom – Unlock the ancient secrets of our ancestors that have been long forgotten.
✔ Guided Meditations & Visualisations – To help you visualise your journey & embody the practices.
✔ Fillable worksheets – To provide an ease-ful journey towards success and fulfilment.