Moon-Mentum: An Intuitive & Holistic Path to Time-Management

The Effects of Aligning your Life with the Moon

The Effects of Aligning your Life with the Moon

Unlock the ancient wisdom from our ancestors that has been long forgotten

Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach, Healer & Mystic

By Bella Luna

Did you know that the moon cycle has a direct effect on your energy flow? It’s so simple yet so missed in today’s world – the Moon affects us A LOT! This is not new information, but ancient wisdom that has been forgotten. The Moon appears in religion, mythology, and mysticism, but today, it seems to only appear in science books. The Moon plays a significant role within both Greek and Roman mythology, in addition to ancient Egyptian paganism. There are many Gods and Goddesses related to the Moon and many powers attributed to its energy.

Ebbing & Flowing

The Moon continually ebbs & flows through phases of growth & decline, often interpreted as symbols of our own personal & spiritual development.

The Moon can be divided into two main phases, the waxing phase and the waning phase. The New and Full Moons signify the turning points between these two phases.

The period of build up from the New Moon to the Full Moon is referred to as the waxing phase, a time to make plans, take action, play, have fun, build momentum and excitement in your life.

While the steady decline from the Full Moon to the New Moon is the waning phase, a time to slow down, to retreat, let go, surrender and release, to rest and restore yourself.

Bella Luna: Life Coach - The Effects of Alignment with the Moon

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“The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars”.

Arthur C. Clarke

Bats in the Amazon

If you were to map your energy levels against this waxing and waning, you might be surprised at the correlation that occurs. I was.

While at university studying for my BSc in Wildlife Conservation, my final year dissertation project was to study bats in the Peruvian Amazon, and the effects of the Moon cycle on their behaviour and population sizes.

On completion of this study, and returning to my life in the UK, I began to notice something. Just like with the bats, there seemed to be a direct correlation between the Moon and my energy levels. When she appeared full, bright, and alive, I had lots of energy and would run around like a lunatic getting up to all sorts of mischief. And when she began to disappear again, so too did some of that energy, and I would find myself Netflix and chillin’ a whole lot more.

It didn’t take that long to notice this correlation and once I first saw it, it only became clearer as each phase passed. I found that in times of waning, I gave myself permission to rest more, and then during her waxing, I made a conscious effort to ride my energetic waves towards mischief and play.

It was comforting knowing that there was a reason behind me sometimes wanting to retreat and hide away from the world, knowing I wasn’t alone and that the Moon was there right alongside me.

Life seemed to go a lot more smoothly when I stopped fighting the natural rhythms inside me and starting aligning with them.

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Moon-Mentum: An Intuitive & Holistic Path to Time-Management

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Take a moment to consider if you too have experienced something similar. Do you go a little nuts during the Full Moon? Which phases make you feel more tired and sluggish? Have you ever tried to fight these feelings and do the opposite of what nature, and your body, are telling you to do?

By aligning your life with the regular rhythms of the planet, you will tune back into nature and bring a more easeful state of flow into your life. This natural and intuitive pace will aid in building momentum towards your goals, your successes and achievements, while also providing you with the permission to play, heal, surrender and restore your mind, body and soul.

This alignment reminds us of the ups and downs of life. That it is not always smooth sailing, and that we should not always be punishing ourselves for slowing down and taking time out.

Allowing the Moon into your life will provide you with the perfect intuitive and holistic time-management formula to achieve a balanced life where you are able to both get sh*t done AND have time for fun.

MOON-MENTUM: An Intuitive & Holistic Path to Time-Management

We have forgotten to connect with this ancient wisdom – and let’s face it, sometimes it can be overwhelming with all the information out there, which is why I have created this simple and powerful course for you to follow with ease.

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