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How to cleanse your crystals

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Crystals are used all over the World in a multitude of ways. Many healers use crystals as a conduit for the energies they channel; scientists use them in computer chips and x-ray machines; people wear them in pieces of jewellery, for aesthetic or religious reasons. Crystals are mentioned in religious texts such as the Bible and the Koran in addition to many older cultures like the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks. They are everywhere. But does everyone know how to cleanse them?

If you are one of these people that has a crystal in whatever way, then you should certainly make yourself aware of the various ways to cleanse them. Cleansing them is the process of removing any residual energies that have made their way into the crystals through energetic transfers. In order to prevent the crystal from becoming too saturated with these energies, they must be released somehow. Below is a list of various ways in which to cleanse your crystals with ordinary and free items around the home. You can think of it as sending them on a mini vacation or gifting them a spa treatment every now and then.

It’s all very well knowing how to cleanse your crystals, but will we listen to our crystals well enough to hear when they might need some R&R? But don’t worry; before we look into how we cleanse them, I have included a guide on how to recognise when they are ready for some TLC. Like much of our higher awareness, in order to receive these messages, we have to be open to receiving them. Don’t ignore the signs.

Signs your crystals need a cleanse

  1. You lose them

If a crystal has been over used, or over worn, then it will very likely take itself off on its own vacation and you may not see it for a while. However, crystals may also disappear from your life for another reason. They simply might have fulfilled their purpose with you and decided to offer their services to someone in more need. If your crystal comes back to you, it may be a bit stroppy at first, but as long as you learn to recognise when to cleanse it, it will continue to offer you its man healing properties.

  1. They crack / break

Sometimes, when a crystal has been overused, it will crack or chip. The crystal has superseded its volume for energetic channelling/absorption, and it has initiated to its own release. Additionally, they can also break. The reason for this is normally because one part is meant to stay with you, and the other wants to go with someone close to you.

  1. They keep jumping out of your hands

If a crystal jumps out of your hands, it’s normally for two reasons. Either it is excited to feel you; or it needs a break. If you ignore this for too long, the crystal is likely to crack.

Now that we’ve looked at the signs your crystals need a cleanse, we will explore the ways in which we can clear that residual energy.

How to cleanse your crystals

When it comes to cleansing your crystals, the main rule is to use the elements – earth, air, fire and water. Don’t take this too literally though and try and set your crystals on fire, they won’t be too happy about that!

  1. Hold them under running water

Ideally this would done under some type of natural waterfall. However, when I can’t get to one of those, I use my tap! Much like when we bathe ourselves, the water running over the crystals will wash away the lingering energy.

  1. Bury them in the earth

This can be done in a plant pot, inside or outside the house. Alternatively, you can bury it somewhere in your garden, but remember to mark the spot! The longer you bury it, the better. If you only have a few hours, that’s better than nothing, but a few days or a week will provide a deeper cleanse. Make sure you rinse them before using them with any clients to avoid dirty hands.

  1. Bathe them in the moonlight

Leaving your crystals out to bathe under the moonlight extracts much of the negative energy residing in them. A windowsill is fine for this, but outside, under the full luminescence is best. Again, the longer, the better. I usually do them for three nights: the full moon, the day before, and the day after. Personally I find this intensifies the cleansing experience. This is also a good way of charging your crystals, and other spiritual items, to increase the energies you are trying to bring forth.

4. Bathe them in the sunlight (a.k.a fire!)

Once again, windowsills are fine but outside, under direct light is best. Similar to under moonlight, exposing them for a few days is optimal. Caution: sunlight may discolour some crystals after long periods.

5. Blowing on your crystals

Using your breath to lightly blow on your crystals is a quick, short term option for cleansing on-the-go. If you have just finished using a crystal or piece of jewellery (or anything that holds energy) and you feel it’s very hot or very ‘full’, then blowing on it is a quick release for the energetic vibrations that have been imprinted into the crystal.

Now you have all the tools you need to keep your crystals cleansed and charged.

WARNING: Crystal healing is on the rise and as such our crystal mines are becoming overused and unsafe for workers. Please do your research before buying crystals to ensure they are ethically sourced. Read this article from the Guardian to get more clued up. 

Blessed Be & Be Blessed

How to cleanse your crystals by Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach and Healer
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