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Rattle Snake to Battle Snake

Once upon a time, in the midst of the forest,

Lived an angry ol’ snake, lying wait in her nest.

Living alone, as she liked it that way,

Keeping all the other animals at bay.

With her rattle she shook in all directions,

Avoiding friendships, love and affections.

“Leave me alone, I don’t need any friends,

get out, be gone, stay away from my den!”

She hissed and slithered around on the floor,

Forgetting what all the anger was for.

She no longer wanted to live all alone,

So instead she decided to open her home.

With some bells, and bongo’s, and her trusty rattle,

She had taken the first step in her battle.

“Come join me in my frolicking glee.

My anger is gone, and now I am free!”

The music she played reached far and wide,

The more creatures that came, the less she could hide.

They clapped and cheered and celebrated her sound,

A place amongst friends she had finally found.

Her rattle was no longer a shield,

But a beautiful instrument she learned to yield.

“Play more, play louder, don’t stop, keep going!”,

as the music rises the energy’s flowing.

For the rest of her time, the music never died,

No-one was ever angry, and none ever cried.

For the love that filled the air through her magic,

Filled everyone from toe to fingertip.

From then on, she was surrounded by friends,

Telling stories of how her rattle made amends.