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When I was younger, I wanted to be,

A Faerie in the woods, frolicking free.

Under the guidance of Luna so bright,

Free from anger, jealousy and spite.

With the World so close, at my fingertips,

I drank in its beauty with delicate sips.

Mother Nature enveloped me in all her glory,

Living the life of a Faerie tale story.

All that I knew, and all that I had,

Kept in all the good, and out all the bad.

My childhood blessed with ignorant bliss,

It is my parents I have, to thank for this.

In a bubble of love and affection,

Protecting me from hate and rejection.

Little did I know, that so close by,

Men were warring, and willing to die.

For leaders and causes to which they were blind,

Fighting against their fellow mankind.

Animals slaughtered and forests burned,

All the meanwhile, not a single head turned.

Oil rigs spilled, and babies cried,

Terrorists ruled and governments lied.

My bubble burst, and childhood ended,

Realisation dawned, on what needed to be mended.

Once awakened from my Fairytale dream,

The World was not, what it once seemed.

I picked myself up, and brushed off the dirt,

Taking in all the pain, suffering and hurt.

From then on, I no longer could be,

Alone in the woods, frolicking free.

Without my brothers and sisters around me,

There was more joy, in this reality.

As the years passed by, and I grew strong,

The rights began, to replace all the wrong.

The beauty and wonder returned to my eyes,

With all I had learned, I began to grow wise.

No more a child, but far from grown,

From my parents nest, I have flown.

Equipped with the power and strength of love,

Listening to guidance from up above.

I follow the path, knowing not where it leads,

To seek adventure, and sew my own seeds.

One day, I can but hope,

My love will help, another one cope.

Like my parents love before me,

The joy it is to help one see.

With life’s trials and tribulations gone,

The search for salvation goes on.