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30 Lessons at 30

30 Lessons at 30

some of the deepest lessons I have learned during my 30 years on Earth

Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach, Healer & Mystic

By Bella Luna

  1. Life is too short to spend it with people who don’t light you up – go where your loved ones are, that’s where the magic truly happens
  2. Follow your joy, what else is there?
  3. Laugh wherever and whenever you can – play, be silly
  4. Leave your phone at home wherever possible – you’ll see and remember so much more
  5. Dedicate time to getting to know yourself
  6. Do the things that scare you
  7. Find a hobby that isn’t Netflix
  8. Enjoy the silence
  9. Respect nature
  10. Take care of your body and it will take care of you
  11. Find an emotional release practise that works for you and use it often
  12. Don’t be afraid to walk barefoot in the mud, dance in the rain, howl at the Moon and run through the woods naked
  13. If you’re not growing, you’re dying
  14. Knowledge is about accumulating things; wisdom is about removing them
  15. Things don’t make you happy, people and experiences do
  16. I regret the things I didn’t do way more than the stupid sh*t I did do
  17. Self-love is a muscle, exercise it and it will strengthen
  18.  There are infinite ways you could live your life, find the way that fits you, not everyone else
  19. Wherein lies your pain and fear, therein lies your lesson
  20. The meaning of life is love and growth
  21. None of us know what we’re doing, so just do your best and be kind
  22. Without the dark, there is no light
  23. Magic is real, it’s all around you, if you can’t see it, change your perspective and it will reveal itself
  24. Action is key to success. Stop waiting for shit to happen to you, make it happen
  25. You don’t only live once, but… you do probably only get one life in this body, with this personality, and this exact life set-up
  26. Bless that which you covet
  27. “If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.” ― T. Harv Eker
  28. Get up early, mornings are magical
  29. If you aren’t happy with your life, change it – nothing changes if nothing changes
  30. Don’t be afraid to start over

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