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20 Signs you are ready for Spiritual Life Coaching

20 Signs you are ready for Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching is for you if:

Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach, Healer & Mystic

By Bella Luna

  1. You are truly ready to change
  2. You are ready to put in the hard work to achieve your best life
  3. You are ready to remove toxic things from your life
  4. You are ready to have a break down to have a break through
  5. Your life is good but you want it to be great
  6. You are in a dead end job and want to find a way out
  7. You have just retired and want to know what the next chapter of life will look like
  8. You are too busy to find enjoyment in life
  9. You are too busy to spend time with family
  10. You are bored & dissatisfied with your life
  11. You are drifting aimlessly through life
  12. You don’t like yourself and want to become the best you can be
  13. You want to start seeing results in your life
  14. You have a low sense of self-worth & want to learn to love yourself
  15. You seek answers to deep and powerful questions
  16. You are ready to relinquish the ego
  17. You are looking for a safe and loving space to discuss challenging issues
  18. You have recently awoken to the spiritual
  19. You are ready to take action towards your goals
  20. You are unhappy and need direction to improve your life

“Make the journey as magical as the destination”

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